AULA Demon King Mechanical Wired Gaming LED Keyboard - KB-MECH/DEMON

by Aula
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The Aula 886 Demon King Mechanical keyboard is equipped with mechanical Outemu brown switches and that is just one of the many features the 886 Demon can offer, it also comes with a mixture of LED backlights giving a different colour to every line of the keyboard enhancing its ergonomic design. The smart full anti-ghosting of up to 26 keys allows gamers to enhance their skills. With the keyboards low noise and long-life switches it suits you at home when gaming and at work.

Key Features

  • Outemu Brown Switch - Up to 50 million switch clicks
  • LED Backlight - Every line of the keyboard has a different colour, use Fn + short keys to adjust the backlight effects
  • Ergonomic design - Ergonomic design for keyboard
  • Excellent keycap laser artwork - Double injection design meaning the backlight effect will be brighter
  • Multimedia keys - Fn + F1 - F8 for quick functions when gaming
  • Smart Sleep Mode - No pressing of the keyboard for 10 mins will mean it will enter sleep mode but by pressing any key the keyboard instantly comes back on.