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Our Clearance category is filled with massively discounted products. Deals are added weekly so check back on a regular basis!
Our Clearance category is filled with massively discounted products. Deals are added weekly so check back on a regular basis!

CiT Connect 7 Colour Keyboard With LED Phone Rest And USB Hub - KB-GAM-CONNECT

by CIT
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The CiT Connect gaming keyboard is made using rubber dome switches, the strong, crisp and tactile feel enables you to execute commands much faster than previous CiT keyboards. Designed for gamers and those that spend long periods of time on there computer, the Connect has device storage, various colour modes, USB pass-through port and much more.

With a seven colour RGB backlight and several different LED modes ensuring the Connect looks the part in any gaming set up. Easily change, adjust the LED brightness and LED running speed. 

Twelve multimedia functions are included to easily access media player activities, press FN + F1-F12, swap the cursor keys and WASD keys by pressing FN + W for game play. Anti-ghosting keys makes sure every press is registered and four macro recording keys ensures you will have your best combinations ready for when it matters. 

An integrated mobile cradle holder is included along with an extra USB hub allowing to connect to other media storage devices and spill resistance, protects the Connect from *water damage.

Key Features

Quiet and Responsive Keys

The Connect is a gaming keyboard with rubber dome switches, offers minimum noise and a satisfying feel while you work or game without sacrificing your performance.

Programmable Macro 4 G-Keys

Assign single keystrokes or complex multi-key combos to any of the dedicated macro keys, on-the-fly, without any additional software required to be installed.

Multi-Key Anti-Ghosting

Anti-ghosting for 26 keys in total mean your commands and simultaneous key strokes register the way you intended.

Wrist Rest

A wrist rest provides additional comfort to support your game play during marathon gaming sessions.

Dynamic RGB Back-lighting 

Customise your keyboard the Connect has the option to light up 7 different colours, colours include Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, White, Purple & Yellow. Choose between multi-colour or static lighting and game in style.

Music and Voice Indicators

Built in voice indicators to get your RGB lighting to follow your sounds or your gaming environment, have a colour to suit your mood.

USB Pass-Through Port

Positioned for uninterrupted game play and ready for your mouse or wireless, connect without any fuss.

Integrated Mobile Cradle Holder

Running along the top of the keyboard an integrated mobile cradle holder allowing you to concentrate on what's important without missing out on anything.

Braided Cable

The USB connector comes with braided cable offering excellent durability and will last a lot longer then a standard cable.