Dynamode Nano Wireless USB Adapter 300Mbps - WL-DY-300

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The new WL-700N-XSX-S is your ideal partner for Notebook, Netbook and MacBook™ Computers. Featuring the new Dynamode Nano Wireless ASIC processor allows for one of the most compact Wireless 802.11n devices on the market. Fully compatible with Windows™, Mac OS X™ and Linux™, the WL-700N-XSX-S is compact enough so that it can be used as a direct replacement for your internal computer when enclosed in a Laptop bag for example. Using the latest Wireless Encryption including WPA2, 9021.x and WPS for trouble-free Wireless Encryption, the WL-700B-XSX-S is ideal for all your mobile, next generation mobile needs.


802.11n, 802.11g compliant WiFi Plug n’ Play USB2.0 connection Supports multiple frequencies for a better connection Auto detects Wireless connection speeds Supports Soft Access Point Mode Supports WPA2, WPS and legacy Encryption modes Ultra compact design- ‘can be left as a permanent attachment for Notebooks’ Ideal for Windows 2000, Windows 7/8/10™, Mac OS X™ and Linux™