Edifier E25 Speaker Stand Only - Gloss Black - CM-E25-STAND/BLK

by Edifier
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Available in three different colors that complement each variation of the e25 Luna HD. Arm your studio, living room, desk space, or computer set up with the e25 speaker stand. They are available in black, white, and red. The speaker stands are 3 feet tall making them the perfect height from the ground so the sound will play at appropriate level. The e25 speaker stand comes with a mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK cable, 3.5mm auxiliary extension, and speaker cable.

The e25 speaker stand are used for creating improved acoustics, which is a massive improvement to the sound in regards of bass. Overall, the improvements make the bass sound clearer and richer. Using speakers without a stand results in a depreciating sound. The purpose of a speaker stand is to separate the floor from the speaker. This may seem obvious, however, this creates a difference that your ears will love. Placing your speakers on the floor, desk or cabinet, creates resistance against the speakers and stops a portion of the sound that is playing. Having a speaker stand removes resistance and lets the speakers operate at full capacity.

This image is used for illistration purposes only. Speakers not included.