Edifier H840 Professionally Calibrated Headphones - Black - EDFR-HS-H840

by Edifier
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Edifier’s H840 ergonomic over-ear headphones produces the best sound quality you could imagine from headphones. Calibrated and tuned by Phil Jones of Pure Sound, they provide a powerful boasting acoustic experience. Audiophiles can appreciate the excellent sound that these over-ear headphones produce. With a combination of great sound, ergonomic design, and modern appeal the H840 headphones are a great fit for anyone who wants to enjoy their tunes.

Developed with an electro-acoustic unit on the basis of the coil, these Hi-Fi over-ear headphones provide life like sound for your enjoyment. The carefully calibrated balance between treble and bass makes Edifier H840 the perfect entry level monitor headphones. The H840 over-ear headphones provide a natural power sound that is warm and invigorating. They are one of Edifiers most durable headphones, delivering optimal comfort with ergonomically designed ear pads. Edifiers powerful H840 over-ear headphones truly produce a professional sound with an enjoyable audiophile experience.

Wear your headphones all day without discomfort. Alter the headband to fit perfectly and securely on your head. Ergonomic design provides remarkable comfort from soft leather ear cups. Be at ease with the H840 over-ear headphones and have no reservations as you enjoy your tunes in comfort and style. The functionality of the powerful H840’s are just right for any individual seeking performance driven over-ear headphones. The H840 exemplifies design and comfort all in one.

• Connector: 3.5mm jack