Edifier W296BT Bluetooth V4.1 Sports Earphones - White - EDFR-EAR-W296BT/WHT

by Edifier
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Edifier is known to have a knocking bass sound ideal for current music and kinds, for example, pop, hip hop, EDM, and more bass overwhelming tunes. The W296BT headphones let you appreciate bass bumping music amid exercises.

The W296BT is made to be a safe cozy fit that stays in your ears amid the most extraordinary exercises. The earhooks make sure the wires wrap around your ears and stay in during intense workouts.

These are not straightforward earbud tips; the drivers are encased by an IPX5 earbud shell. This shields the earbuds from sweat or water shorting out the headphones.

Take full control of your sound by modifying the volume and stopping/playing/skipping tunes amid playback.

Utilizing Bluetooth 4.1 CSR innovation, reach up to an entire 10meters/32.8-feet extend for Bluetooth accessible gadgets. Associate with two Bluetooth sources at the same time.

• Bluetooth V4.1 technology
• Inline controls