Portable Silver Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard KBD-BT-S - KB-BT-AP/SIL

by Generic
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The LMS Data Bluetooth Keyboard KBD-BT-S is your ideal tablet, smartphone or notebook portable wireless keyboard. Tablet computers and smartphones allow us to communicate in an easy and instant way but we are too often hindered by the slow and awkward response of the touch-screen keyboard. Not ideal for fast typers, as it is often frustrating when we hit the wrong keys. The KBD-BT-S is your ideal Bluetooth™ wireless keyboard partner for all tablet computers, including iPad™, iPad Mini™ and iPhone™ and of course the iMac™ and MacBook™ range of computers. Using the common Mac OS multimedia shortcut keys allows you to control your computer whenever you want. Of course, other Operating Systems have not been overlooked since both Windows™ and Android™ computing devices are also supported. Plug and Play simplicity is assured. Using the latest Bluetooth™ version 3.0 technology allows the KBD-BT-S to be easily and securely paired with your tablet, smartphone or notebook in an instant and proven Bluetooth™ functionality means you can enjoy a totally wire-free experience of up to 10 metres. Ideal on the move, in the office, the KBD-BT-S is your ideal Bluetooth™ wireless partner for all your computing devices. The keyboard is ideal for Mac™ OS X or iOS™ specific applications and control. There are also no messy USB keyboards to plug in, no USB adapters to plug into your non-USB tablet or smartphone- just pair the keyboard with your Bluetooth device and start typing right away. As well as all of this, the KBD-BT-S Keyboard is compatible with other hardware and operating systems. It is ideal for users using multiple hardware platforms, ideal also for media centres that support the Bluetooth™ HID standard. Full-travel quality keys allow fast and accurate typing. An angled keyboard design also helps reduce wrist strain on extended use. The Bluetooth™ keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries (user supplied), they allow many weeks of typing wirelessly and offer built-in power management to get the most out of your batteries.

Features: Adjust brightness, spot-light search etc Adjust volume, skip tracks and pause for music and video Fn (function) key for Apple™ applications CMD (command) key for Apple™ applications Comfortable cursor control Mac™ OS command and Fn key functionality Bluetooth™ wire-free convenience The ideal keyboard partner for Mac™, Windows™ and Android™ Fast typing with tactile feedback Battery power that goes the distance