Subsonic Just Dance Grip & Strap for Nintendo Switch JoyCons - SUB-5506

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SKU SUB-5506

Thanks to their unique and exclusive design, the Just dance 2019 comfort handles will give you a comfortable playing experience and an optimal grip of your Nintendo Joy-Cons switch controllers.

  • The Just Dance 2019 comfort handles with strap for Nintendo Switch JoyCon, will give you a perfect grip thanks to their exclusive ergonomics that take into account the shape of the hand.
  • Play and dance safely, with the Grip & Strap pack, you won't risk losing or throwing your Joy-Cons by waving your arms to the wild music of the game.
  • The straps are adjustable and suitable for all handle sizes. Wider than standard straps they are very comfortable and perfectly suitable for sports use.
  • The Grip & Strap accessory pack contains 2 handles (one for the right and one for the left Joy Con and 2 sport straps)