Subsonic Raiden USB Type-C LED Charging Cable For PS5 PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X Controllers - 3 Metre - Black - SUB-5601

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SKU SUB-5601
This pro gaming premium USB Type-C charging cable with LED is compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers. Specially designed for e-sports, this pro cable features a super soft (anti-tangle) cable and an integrated LED when in use. Manufactured from premium materials this charging cable will allow you to endure those long gaming sessions while charging your controller. The generous length is perfect for most rooms and gives you the convenience of playing up to 3m from your console when charging a controller.

• 3 meter USB Type-C cable to play and charge your controllers
• Super soft technology with anti-tangle properties
• Integrated LED lights up when connected
• Also allows you to play at a comfortable distance from your TV while charging your controller.
• Compatible with DualSense PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series controllers