Volkano Virtual Reality Headset For Smartphones - Supports 3D & 360 Degree Viewing - HS-VR-VOLK01

by Volkano
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Easily convert your Smartphone into a Virtual Reality system.

The Volkano Matrix Series Virtual Reality Headset offers users a fully immersive multimedia sensory experience. Surround yourself with images and games in a full 360 Degrees or 3D environment; explore new worlds, be on-stage at a performance or enjoy gaming - all with your Smartphone and the Volkano Matrix VR Headset.

• Immersive Gaming & 3D Viewing Experience
• Supports 3D Video & 360 Degree Viewing
• Compatible with 3.5" to 6" Smartphones
• Supports Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Applications
• Adjustable Lenses
• Foam padding for comfort or use
• Adjustable head-strap included