White 6000mAh Portable Intelligent USB Mobile PowerBank - PWR-DY-6000/WHT

by BCL
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Offering exceptional performance to charge almost all digital devices, ranging from Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab and even the most powerful tablet computers, the LMS Data PowerBank offers convenient power when away from a suitable electrical mains supply such as when on the move.

Ideal for Smartphones, Satnav's and GPS, DSLRs and compact digital cameras and of course mobile gaming devices, the LMS Data PowerBank features two standard USB ports to charge up to two devices simultaneously with the second USB port supplying up to 2 Amps, ideal for the latest Apple iPad models.

Coupled with a stylish, compact design, rapid charge facility and intelligent electronics to help keep the power sustained for longer, the LMS Data PowerBank is your ideal partner for all your mobile digital devices.


Advanced Features

  • 5600 to 6000mAh advanced battery
  • Dual USB ports for digital device charging
  • USB 1: 5VDC 1A  USB 2: 5VDC 2A
  • Charge almost all mobile digital devices
  • Ideal for iPad, Android tablet computers
  • Ideal for Satnav, GPS, Smartphone, gaming devices
  • Intelligent on-board electronics for rapid and safe charging
  • High level recharge count means PowerBank has extended life
  • Stylish and compact design - environmentally friendly architecture